ICOM M93D buoyant VHF DSC portable transceiver


ICOM M93D is reliable full feature portable transceiver and comes with the new VHF simplex channels and designed to take the strain of the harsh marine environment!

ICOM IC-M93D EURO - World's Slimmest, Bouyant Portable VHF DSC Radio

The best portable marine radio and navigation tool a sailor can have!
ICOM IC-M93D EURO - VHF DSC Handheld and Navigation tool.

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VHF hand held portable DSC MMSI number
You must have a separate Ship Portable Radio Licence for each hand held VHF DSC radio.
This is because each individual radio is given a separate MMSI number.

Click here for more information from OFCOM web site and details on applying for an portable MMSI number.
  • Supplied accessories:
    • AC adapter, BC-123SE/SUK*
    • Battery charger, BC-220
    • Battery pack, BP-285
    • Belt clip, MB-133
    • Antenna, FA-SC59V
    • Hand strap
* May differ depending on version.
£ 260.00
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack
BP-285 Li-ion 7.2 volt replacement battery
£ 66.00
Rapid Charger - Charges the BP-285 in approximately 2.5 hours
£ 48.00
Multi-Charger - Charges up to six BP-285 in approximately 3 hours
£ 449.00
MH-228 - IPX7 compact type.
£ 78.00
MH-165 - IPX7 rugged type
£ 96.00
Leather Belt Hangers
MB-96FL - long fixed type.
£ 24.00
Leather Belt Hangers
MB-96F - fixed type.
£ 21.60
Cigarette Lighter Cable
CP-25H - for use with BC-220.
£ 19.00
Cigarette Lighter Cable
for use with BC-220.
£ 8.80
New marine VHF channels 2079New marine VHF channels
The Icom M93D from SailCom Marine comes comes with the new simplex VHF channels
1019, 1020, 1078, 1079, 2019, 2020, 2078, 2079.
Private VHF channels
At SailCom Marine we can program the Icom M93D for private channels, but you must prove that you have the relevant permission to use the marine private channel.


ICOM M93D VHF DSC portable transceiver

IC-M93DThe IC-M93D features some top features incorporated on other Icom radios including active noise cancelling technology which uses a digital processor to reduce background noise making sure your call is clearly heard.

Like many other Icom radios, the IC-M93D is buoyant. If the radio falls into the water, it will float on its back with the LCD, backlit keypad and distress button flashing, thus making the radio easier to retrieve.

A useful Man Over Board (MOB) function is included allowing you to record the time and position of the MOB just in case the worst ever happened. These features, dependant on the size of your vessel, could provide a central or back up navigation tool.

The IC-M93D comes with other useful standard features onboard like Dual-Watch /Tri-Watch and there is the Aquaquake draining function emits a vibrating tone and clears water away from the speaker grill. The radio is also waterproof to IPX-7 and meets military specification of durability.

This is a radio that will not let you down.

Click here to see more M93D videos

Buoyant VHF Marine Transceiver with DSC

The IC-M93D EURO VHF/DSC handheld radio is the successor to the popular IC-M91D. Stylish and slim, this new Icom handheld contains an abundance of features including a dedicated built-in DSC receiver (meets ITU-R M.493-13 Class D DSC), internal GPS and active noise cancelling technology. In addition, an intuitive interface coupled with 2.3 inch full dot matrix high-contrast display and soft keypad makes this a comfortable and easy handportable to operate.

2.3 inch Large High Visibility LCD
The large 2.3 inch (W×H: 35.5×47.0 mm), full dot-matrix (123×160 dots) displays all information clearly. The high contrast display is visible even under direct sunlight.

Slimmest* Buoyant DSC Radio
The IC-M93D EURO has the slimmest* body for a floating VHF/DSC marine handheld transceiver. Body depth has been reduced from 43.2mm (IC-M91D) to 38.5mm (IC-M93DEURO) by implementing a flat sheet keypad. This feature allows the radio to be firmly yet comfortably gripped in the palm of your hand.
* As of July 2016, researched by Icom Inc.

Meets ITU-R M.493-13 Class D DSC with a Dedicated DSC Receiver for CH70
The IC-M93D EURO has a dedicated DSC receiver which continuously monitors CH70 and is independent of the main receiver and other operation. The distress button is located on the rear panel and protected against accidental operation with a spring cover.

Intuitive User Interface
A flat sheet keypad not only makes the radio slim, but also provides positive click action. Icom’s common Marine Family User Interface provides consistent and intuitive operation. You can quickly access the required function by using the radios’ soft keys. The most often-used 19 functions can be assigned at the bottom of the display and toggled with the left and right keys.

Float’n Flash and MOB Auto Set Function
If the IC-M93D EURO falls into the water, the radio floats and an emergency LED light is automatically activated, even when the unit is turned OFF. In addition, the MOB auto set function automatically sets the nature of distress to “Man Overboard” allowing for an immediate distress call to be made by the operator (by pushing the Distress button). The position and time* of the radio/person in the water is transmitted.
* If the GNSS position data has not been fixed when the Distress button is pushed, another distress call will be automatically sent after the position data is received.

Rapid Charger and Li-ion battery pack as standard
The IC-M93D EURO includes the BC-220 rapid charger which charges the standard Li-ion battery pack in just 2.5 hours. The IC-M93D EURO allows 9 hours* of battery life while continuously monitoring CH70.
* Typical operation with Tx: Rx: standby = 5: 5: 90 (Power save: ON)

Active Noise Cancelling Technology
Active noise cancelling technology removes background noise from both transmitted and received audio. This function makes communication clearer in noisy maritime environments.

Integrated GNSS Receiver
The integrated GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver provides your location, bearing and speed with fast-setup time and pinpoint accuracy by using information from GPS, GLONASS, QZSS and SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS). Using GNSS memory data, the IC-M93D EURO can fix positioning within 8–12 seconds after the radio is powered ON. Acquired position information can be used for DSC calls and navigation to waypoints.

Other features
• IPX7 submersible (1m depth of water for 30 minutes)
• Navigation function from current position to specified waypoint
• 50 waypoint memories with alphanumeric names for navigation
• Dual/Tri-watch function for monitoring CH16 and /or call channel
• Battery indicator shows remaining battery power in four levels
• Favourite channel function allows quick channel selection by setting the “Tag” channel to channels used most often
• AquaQuake draining function emits a vibrating sound and clears water away from the speaker grill

New marine VHF channels 2079New marine VHF channels
The Icom M93D from SailCom Marine comes comes with the new simplex VHF channels
1019, 1020, 1078, 1079, 2019, 2020, 2078, 2079.


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