Waterproof Control Head IPX7.
New Intuitive User Interface.
4.3 inch Wide Viewing Angle Colour TFT Display.
Built-in GPS Receiver which includes GPS, GLONASS and SBAS.
Two Minutes Instant Replay Memory
Channels: 830 (160 programmable, 72 ITU SSN duplex, 249 ITU SSB simplex, 193 ITU FSK duplex, 160 email)
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Icom M803 set up and ready to go for World ARC

ICOM IC-M803 Marine SSB transceiver with backup and support

You must hold a valid radio operator's licence before using any HF/SSB transceiver.
Inc. VAT

ICOM M803 12 volt marine MF/HF (SSB) transceiver complete with AT-141


Icom M803 with AT-141 ATU

  • SailCom Marine tests every M803 before shipping
  • Icom M803 re-programmed by SailCom Marine includes:
    • DSC MF & HF ship to ship DSC frequencies
    • Ship to ship and ARC radiotelephone channels
    • DSC directory of world-wide coastguards
    • Programmed with your ship's MMSI number.
  • Additional documentation to the user manual:
    • SailCom Marine easy to follow user guide
    • SailCom Marine Installation Notes
  • Speech compression feature turned on
  • ICOM M803 supplied accessories:
    • Remote controller Head
    • Remote control cable (5 m, 16.4 ft)
    • Microphone, HM-214H
    • DC power cable
    • GPS antenna (5 m, 16.4 ft cable)
    • Microphone hanger
    • Mounting bracket kits
    • ACC plugs
    • Spare fuses
Icom M803 with AT-141 ATU

Configured and set up with your ships MMSI, ship to ship DSC calling and directory of MRCC worldwide MMSI numbers.

OPTION 2 - Option 1 plus cables between M803 and AT-141

  • M803 to ATU, four core screened control cable with plugs, 10 metres long - assembled
  • M803 to ATU, coax cable (RG-213) 10 metres long supplied with plugs attached
  • M803 DSC active antenna with 10 metres of cable and power supply.
  • M803 NMEA lead - 1.5 metres long

Other lengths available on request

Option 1 plus 10 metres of coax and control cable and DSC active antenna


SCS PTC-IIIusb Bluetooth

OPTION 3 - Option 2 plus Pactor 3 Bluetooth modem

  • SCS PTC-IIIusb Pactor 3 Bluetooth modem with cables to go between modem and M803.
Option 2 plus PTC-IIIusb Pactor 3 Bluetooth modem and cables


OPTION 4 - Option 2 plus Pactor 4 Bluetooth modem

  • SCS DR-7400 Pactor 4 Bluetooth modem with cables to go between modem and M803

All ICOM M803 systems supplied by SailCom Marine come with our own in-house produced installation and user notes.
Option 2 plus DR-7400 Pactor 4 Bluetooth modem and cables


Click here to download the IC-M803 Leaflet.

Click here to download the Icom M803 manual.

The ICOM M803 is a marine MF/HF (SSB) transceiver for non-SOLAS vessels.

SSB Installation: Getting it right!

Icom M803 GMDSS MF/HF TRANSCEIVER with DSC - SailCom Marine

for non-SOLAS vessels

You must hold a valid radio operator's licence before using any HF/SSB transceiver.

Icom M803

Long Range Communications Beyond the Horizon

  • 150W (PEP) of powerful output

    • 150 Watts of power offers superior worldwide communications. A one piece, die cast aluminium chassis and a large cooling fan allows continuous transmission at full output power which is very important for good communications.

  • Built-in digital selective calling

    • For added safety at sea, the IC-M803 offers the latest in one-touch DSC emergency communications technology.

    • The emergency button is covered by a red, spring loaded hatch to avoid accidental DSC activation.

  • Large LCD with dot matrix characters

    • You can easily read the alphanumeric name of any of the 1355 ITU channels at a glance with the large LCD display.
      Night-time operation is no problem with 10 levels (plus OFF) adjustable backlit display and keypad.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    • A combination of the large main dial and software keys at the bottom of the display, provides simple operation and easy access to often used functions.

      Key Features

      • Configured by SailCom Marine with European channels and ARC rally frequencies:-

        • Ship to ship and ARC rally frequencies

        • HF DSC intership calling frequencies

      • Built in digital selective calling (DSC) Class E.

      • 160 user configured memory channels

      • Receive 500 kHz to 30000 kHz

      • Transmit on MF/HF marine bands and amateur bands

      • Large 4.3 inch Wide Viewing Angle Colour TFT Display

      • Operation mode

        • USB, LSB, FSK, CW*, AM* (* Receive only)

      • Number of channels:

        • 1355 channels (maximum)

          • 160 - user-programmable

          • 249 - ITU SSB duplex

          • 72 - ITU SSB simplex

          • 21 - 4MHz C1 simplex

          • 31 - 8MHz C2 simplex

      • Transmit power output

        • High Power 150 Watts PEP

        • Medium power 100 watts PEP

        • Low-Medium power 60 Watts PEP

        • Low Power 20 Watts PEP

      • Audio output power

        • 2W with 8 ohm load

        • 4W with 4 ohm load

      • Power supply requirement

        • 13.6V DC ±15%

      • Max. current drain (at 13.6V DC)

        • Transmit Maximum power

          • 30A (typ.) Tx (Max. power)

        • Receive Maximum audio

          • Rx (Max. audio) 3.0A

      • Integrated GPS receiver

      • Auxiliary socket for connection to SCS Pactor modem

        • Buy from SailCom Marine and we configure the M803 for use with SCS Pactor modems.

      • Icom AT-141 marine MF/HF automatic tuner:
        The AT-141 comes ready for simple antenna cable and power connections.

        • Frequency 2.0 to 30 MHz (long wire)

        • Max. Input Power: 150 W (PEP) 100 W (continuous)

        • Input impedance 50 Ohms

        • Input power for tuning 10W (5 - 15W)

        • Auto tuning time 2-3 secs

        • Auto tuning accuracy: VSWR 2.0:1 or less

        • Dimensions: 230 (w) x 340 (H) x 80 (D) mm

      • The AT-141 marine grade ATU designed for use with Icom M803 marine MF/HF transceivers.
        Weather resistant construction, easily fitted in a variety of locations.
        No adjustments are necessary, just connect the control and antenna cables.
        Install the unit near the antenna element base.


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